What is the cost to order a fake id in USA 2021?

order a fake id
Order a fake id
 is becoming a smart choice of young people. It brings to you a lot of advantages. The biggest advantage is that you do not need to roam around for endless wait and procedure.

So   how much does a order a fake id cost?

How much to buy a usa id depends on the customer's requirements including schools, grades, transcripts, etc.

But saying that is too general, we would like to give a specific answer to the question: How much does a fake id cost? The average price you find will range from 2$60 to $125. You can freely compare the prices of id s at different institutions. However, you must research carefully and choose a reputable and quality facility. How much does a fake id cost?

How to make a fake id is satisfactory?

Similar to the question “how much does a usa id cost?" The quality of a id is also something that many people wonder.

It is true that there are much low-cost order a fake id offerings that are substandard. By easily detected with the naked eye. So it's almost impossible for this id to help you with the job and advancement you want.

A fake id needs to meet the following:

Only reliable fake id is worth buying.

The unit that makes the cheapest prestigious fake id in USA

Are you looking for a unit that makes a fake id that is both Prestigious, high quality and cheap? So Idgod is the place you should look.

We are a unit that has been operating for a long time in the certification industry.  We always ensure that we can provide our customers with the most authentic ids.

All ids are made from original embryos, 100% real stamps. Same from color, material, size. From the hand-closing red carpentry mark, the embossed border seal.

Everything is guaranteed to make your id valid. You can freely order a fake id to the notary and use it for personal purposes.

 How to make a fake id?

  1. When there is a need to do a fake id, please contact (meet/call/text) directly. Customer care department will immediately contact you to advise you on service details
  2. Once agreed, you need to provide all the necessary personal information, how to do it. After providing the information, we will start working. Lead time is about 2-3 days
  3. When the license is completed, we will proceed to deliver the license according to the time and address you provided. Your job is to carefully check the quality of the id. Only when you are satisfied with the quality will we receive the money. So you can rest assured about the quality we provide.
  4. Finally, to ensure safety, we will delete all your information. You can use your id comfortably without worrying about anyone knowing about it.

Simple information provided when doing fake id

The procedure of order a fake id at idgod is very quick and simple. You only need to provide the most basic information. (Full name, date of birth, place of birth, name of school, major, year of graduation...). When you register, we will send you a form with the information you need to provide.

Your job is to fill in the most accurate information in the registration form for us, let us take care of the rest. With the number 1 fake id service on the market, we are committed to handing you a 100% genuine id.

Do not forget to share your details

Remember to leave your phone number so we can contact you when we have a license. Send your details or direct tradable address and let us know the date of receipt you want.

We have answered the question “How much does a fake id cost?

Our commitment to the price of our fake id is completely reasonable and competitive

If you need to order a fake id, contact us for more advice!

Is it simple to use a fake id to work?

In fact, most private companies now look at your id just to think that you are qualified for that position. But no company is so free that when it is discovered that an employee is using a fake license to work, they take it to the police station to fine it.


In addition, litigation or legal action takes a lot of time and expense. So, I can assure you one thing that no business will do that.

If you work in private companies, the possibility of being discovered using a fake license to work and then being sued and fined is even less.

What to do if you found with fake id?

Your id is only used to let employers know if you meet their basic requirements. After entering the company, there are few people who are free to pull out to see if your license is real or fake.

Therefore, as long as you use a good order a fake id service, don't be too obvious, easily detected, no one will care and detect your use of fake diplomas to work .

Remember, aid is only a premise to help you open the door to seize opportunities. The rest depends entirely on your abilities and efforts. If you can prove that the company's decision to hire you is right. No company would be foolish enough to push a good employee like you away.


Even if we are a fake id service provider, we do not approve of customers using their ids to work for bad purposes. We make fake ids for our clients because we want each of us to have a fairer chance at work.

Moreover, we also ensure that we put 100% skills in making your id real. This id is good to use for different purposes.

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