What is the Average Cost of buying Good Fake ID

Cost of Buying New Good Fake ID in 2020


Well! In this era every other person is using good fake ID from barista who makes your coffee or the bus driver who takes your kids to school, all of them must have used fake ID in the past.

Now days because of dark web it has been easier to buy a brand new fake ID in order to start a new life.

Now you can even apply for things like passport, driving license, bank accounts or birth certificates. All these things must be expensive? Right? But no more worries, we are here to let you know an average price for good fake ID. We have visited many marketplaces, so our team exactly knows that what would be the best price for paying on the dark web.


Minimum Cost of Brand New Identity


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Well the preferable method for paying on dark web is bit coin but you can also pay it via USD. In order to purchase goods and services crypto currency was the first currency to use as a untraceable payment method. Though we knows very well that its price fluctuate with time to time but still this method is preferable.

Well we knows that few passports are stolen, few of them are genuine, the stolen passports further resold to the new identity seeker.

Few of them want a genuine new passport even containing government level watermarks especially bought from a counterfeit. If you buy fake cards then upon caught you will be subjected to criminal prosecution.

Well! Though dark web is really dangerous because everything going there is illegal, or there are many possibility of being defrauded.


Here is an average cost of new identity that our team has researched till now. It is almost 1300$ or 0.26 BTC.

Well! Every country has its own standards and value in order to gain access to good fake ID.




Well! The average cost for passport on dark web changes with time. our team has researched that if you got to see a passport with “registered”, “authentic”, and “verifiable “then those passports will be genuine. And the cost for such passports is high as compared to others. You also got a chance to see other passport labeled as fake or counterfeit, well there are many possibilities that passports will be fake. The average cost for such passports has been found round about 750$ to 850$.


Social Security Card


As we know passport plays an important role in getting into the any country but in order to be considered the fully member of society you must have a few kinds of documents that shows you are a resident or citizen of this country.

If you compare one country from another then you will get to know that every country has different form of identity. Few of the countries use driver license in order to represent their identity.

So the fact is that whether the identity is specific or general both plays an important role for new identity person.


Birth Certificate


If you are applying for natural born citizenship then you have to show that you have been born in this country and from name, date of birth and location everything matches with new identity.

Few people don’t take it serious but this is one of the most important documents for citizenship.


Educational Document


These documents plays an important role especially when you got a new identity, you can apply for job, and can easily find a suitable community for yourself.

You can easily buy a good fake educational document via dark web, you can even create a new story for yourself in order to explain others that who you actually are.

You can easily buy high school diplomas, degree whether it is bachelors or master’s degree, you can buy easily from dark web. Even if you think your grades are poor then you can buy good grades documents for finding an amazing job for yourself. You will not believe but yes they will change your entire profile to A grades.


Financial Documents


The most popular service offered by dark web now days is financial document. If you are one of those who want to renew his financial document, new credit cards, new PayPal account. Dark web is also providing services like fixing bad credit ratings. Well! You can purchase genuine bank accounts from dark web or you can also purchase stolen banks. If you will buy the genuine account then you will be difficult to trace out.

Well! The minimum cost of new identity for USA can be 1267$.

You can buy the US passport in roundabout 710$. ID cards and driving license are also can be purchased at 200$.

The cost for brand new social security card is very reasonable almost from 2 to 5 dollar. If you want to buy educational certificate then you can use bit coin. Dark web also provide services for legally diplomas, if you want legitimate document that you have attended the school or college then dark we is here for you.

If you want to bank account then the price costs for this can be from 70$. Cost for credit card can be 45$ and if you are one of those who want to fix credit history then 200$ is enough for this.




If you are looking for European New Identity Cards then cost varies from time to time but the estimated amount has been found on dark web is 1370$.

If you want to buy European passport then price can be 600$. Well as far as our team researched on it, they found the price is relatively cheap as compared to other. The price for European driving license can be up to 300$.

Well! The price for new financial profile is almost same as compared to other countries. Its same as 70$ for bank account, for credit card it is 45$.

Well! These were the price for Europe and Canada. Both are almost same with a little bit difference.

If you are looking for good fake ID then we will strongly recommend you not to go to dark web. Dark web can be dangerous for you. Or sometimes you can be defrauded also. Now days there are many online services that are providing Good fake ID. Now such services are open to public on internet. You don’t have to go to dark web for such services.


Best place to buy Good Fake ID


If you are looking for best place to buy a good fake ID then there is no need to go anywhere, IDGOD is here to help you, we provide high quality online services, there are many teenagers who look for good fake ID, and well it matters a lot that where the ID comes from.

Whatever the reason is just take care that you not been caught so buy it from trustable place.

We assure you that you will never regret buying a good fake ID from us. We provides 2 cards to our customers in case if they lost one then there must be another one that keep you safe in emergency.

We also give guarantee with ID cards, that you can replace it with new one within 3 months of time. Our prices are also acceptable, but if you are looking for high quality card then price should not be your concerns. Spending few more dollars can save you from being caught. So don’t hesitate and place your order.


We assure you that you will never find such services on the internet. We use high quality tools in order to make cards scan able & hologram cards that even contains duplicate & tracking number.

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