Scanable fake ID: Everything you need to know about a second ID in 2021.

Are websites for fake IDs are helpful to get an instant visa?

scanable fake ID

There are countries that don't really get along or sometimes you need a visa that takes some time and, in the meantime, you have to travel around again. In such situations, you can get a second ID from the services that provide scanable fake ID.

What it's all about, why it exists and how you get one and what the differences are, I'll tell you today:

Why is there a second pass at all?

Unfortunately, some states don't get along as well as others. This can lead to long waiting times when entering the country, or even to the fact that you cannot even enter the country in the first place.

Some countries require a visa in advance anyway and if you see stamps from certain countries, there is no visa. Fortunately, Israel does not stamp the ID on entry at the airport, because then you could frame and hang the ID at home.

In such conditions, the option of second scanable fake ID is really helpful. It will help you to get a visa of country that enquires much before allowing a passport to any person. Israelis don't like to see stamps from other countries in the Middle East either.

What are much more mundane reasons?

There can also be some more mundane reasons.

Let’s read about these reasons!

Imagine you are planning a trip to China or India, for both countries you have to send your ID to the embassy in order to get the visa. This can take up to two weeks if all the documents are together.

It can then also be that you want to/have to travel during the two weeks. Without a pass, you're pretty limited.

So, the second pass helps. But for second pass, you obviously need an ID. Hence, a scanable fake ID is a reliable choice that is easy and effective to get from online services.

How do you get a second pass?

Quite simply, because it can be done in the same way as the first pass. This means you can apply for your second ID at any ID authority in USA.

Second pass:

What is the difference to a normal ID?

The normal ID for adults in USA is valid for 10 years.

The second pass is valid for a maximum of 3 or 5 years, depending on whether you need it for work or not. So, if you only need the second pass for private holidays, there is only one pass with a maximum of 3 years.

However, if your employer signs that you need it mainly for work, then it will be available for a maximum of 5 years.

It was very easy for me at the time, because as a self-employed person I could write this document myself. This is not witchcraft either and mine said the following:


The lady at the office was not happy with the conciseness, but then accepted it.

Hence, scanable fake ID is an ideal choice for travelling more whether for business or for tourism purposes. There are online services that can help you to get such IDs.

For how many years is the main pass valid for travelling?

Virtually, the main pass is valid for valid for 10 years.

For how many years is the second pass valid for travelling?

Furthermore, the second pass is valid for valid for 5 years.

What does the second pass cost?

Unfortunately, the same as any other ID - around € 76 with normal delivery.

What do you have to look out for when you have two IDs?

Officially, you are only allowed to travel with one ID - that means you cannot enter Colombia with one ID and then leave with the second. This can lead to considerable difficulties when leaving or re-entering the country. So, using scanable fake ID is a safe process to enter any country using second ID.

My second ID is slumbering in my backpack while my main ID does all the work.

Why do I have a second ID?

Basically, there are three reasons to use a second ID. Hence, these are;

First reason:

Before my trip around the world, my main ID had to go from embassy to embassy to get the necessary visas. The whole thing took about five weeks, and in the meantime, I had to go to Israel, among other places. Hence, the second pass.

Second reason:

I always have both id s with me on longer trips, but only ever identify myself with one, the other always stays in the accommodation. If I lose ID 1, I can still identify myself with ID 2 and can continue my journey.

And this is only possible because of scanable fake ID. The websites that provide this facility easily help you via online services.

Third reason:

My main pass is slowly filling up, and if that should happen while I'm still on the road, then I can still fall back on the second pass.

What about the old identity card?

In addition to the aspects listed, the need for a copy under data protection law also appears highly dubious. Why do I have to copy the identity card with all the data listed?

What functions does the ID card contain?

In addition to identification using the well-known visual function, scanable fake ID card also contains a microchip. It offers three types of functions:

  1. the sovereign biometric function,
  2. the online ID function,
  3. and the signature function.
    scanable fake ID 2021

The sovereign biometric information may only be read out by state-authorized agencies such as the police and border control. They include the digital photo and optionally two fingerprints.

At the same time, this function also enables the pseudonymous use of Internet services.

With the signature function, also known as the signature function, you also have the option of electronically signing documents in a legally secure manner.

Which of these functions are mandatory and which are voluntary?

The sovereign biometric function with digital photo is mandatory, i.e., a digital photo will be stored on the scanable fake ID chip.

All other functions, such as the two fingerprints, but also the online ID function for secure and trustworthy identification on the Internet are optional, but do not incur any additional costs.

The signature function can be activated for a fee if required.

Can individual functions of the card still be activated after it has been issued?

The online identification function and the signature function can be activated at any time.

Hence, all the process in making a fake ID that is safe even after scanning should be completed right so that you have not to face any hazzle.

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