Reasons – Why People Buy Scannable Fake ID

Advantages of Having a Scannable Fake ID


As we all knows that fake ID’s have been the talk of the internet since ages. There are many laws in order to stop people for buying scannable fake ID. But all that laws are not playing an important role.

There is lot of reasons that pushes people to buy a fake ID. If you are one of those who is buying it just for having access to alcohol then you are at mistaken. As we all knows that these days every other person having a fake ID. So it’s really simple, you can ask your friend to buy it for you. But if you are one of those who want to gain access to clubs or bars then you should really apply for scannable fake ID. Because we know very well that having access in short age is not allowed.

There are many amazing places for buying scannable fake ID but in today’s Article our main topic is the reasons to have a fake ID. So we will briefly explain it here.

As we know many people will says you that don’t go for a fake ID, it is not good etc. But having a fake ID is not really much bad. Yes it has disadvantages also but its advantages are also unbelievable if you use it for right purpose.


Advantages of having a Scannable Fake ID



scannable fake ID


Well! United state plays its important role in providing 100% safety to its citizen in order to make their life style better. There are few people who don’t accept others who are addicted to drink. Though a law has been passed that after a certain age you are allowed to drink alcohol. But still few people called it brutality.


Alcoholism is at its peaks in United State especially in teenagers because their parents could not control them. Even the underage drinking laws have not a single effect on them. There are many students in college who are even not aware to this law that you cannot drink alcohol till 18. But they did not follow these laws and drink it.


Buy Scannable Fake ID for Tasting Irish Bear


The very first possible reason for having a scannable fake ID can be the love to taste Irish Bear. If you are one of those who is madly craving for cocktail, drinks & fond of enjoying the night life with your loved ones then this is one of the most acceptable reasons to buy scannable fake ID.

If you are 20 or 21 then most probably you cannot gain access to one of your favorite or most famous restaurant.


So in order to deal such situation and in order to enjoy night life teenagers finds online websites that provides scannable fake ID services and then place an order.


For Taking Girl on a Date


Well! Many boys love to take their girls on a date but what if you are eligible to buy vine for you two. As we all knows that every man wants to look cool especially when he is in relationship. But because of short age he is not able to buy a drink for his girlfriend so he looks for scannable fake ID in order to look cool. This can also be the possible reason of having fake ID.


For Social Media Purpose


In 2018, Facebook launched a new feature that in order to verify them you must have to provide a driver license or state ID in order to get activated their accounts. Because that time Facebook was at its peak and people use it like addiction so the usage of digital fake ID increased day by day.


There are many people on Facebook who uses fake accounts for promotion purposes so they usually look for scannable fake ID in order to get verified.


For Pranks


As we all knows that pranks are becoming the culture of United States. People usually look for scannable fake ID in order to surprise their friends. If you research in United States then you will get to know that almost 90 percent people are into this prank culture. It has been common now. But we want to aware you that there are two types of ID, one is fake ID and other one is Novelty ID. Both has its pros and cons but Fake ID usually used for identification purpose on the other hand Novelty ID is use to do pranks with your friends. Few people use it for having fun and to enjoy occasional purpose.


For Stolen Purpose


There are many people especially thief who buy fake ID to identify themselves as someone else. A lot of cases has been heard where people use a counterfeit form of license to open a Bank Account. Few of them steal the important information by showing that they are the same person. Doing such activities is not allowed and strict laws have been made in order to catch such people. In United States there are many shops that produced scannable fake ID has been raided and closed. So these were the possible reasons that push people to buy the Fake ID.


Is it risky to have a Scannable Fake ID?


Many people come up with a question that is it risky to have a scannable fake ID. Well if you are one of those who cannot wait for 21 age then it can be risky for you. It can risky or beneficial both at the same time. If you will use it for right purpose then it will be beneficial but if you are buying it for bad activities then might be at risk.

But if you want to reduce the risk for being caught then we will recommend you to give a read to it, BEST FAKE ID – HOW TO FIND THAT FAKE ID IS BEST. It will help you in buying the best fake ID that will be difficult to spot that it is fake.


We will recommend you to buy scannable fake ID only from trustable place otherwise you can be at more risk.

In market you will see lot different types of ID card but the preferable one is only scannable card because they are difficult to recognize that they are fake. They are updated version of fake ID and most advanced these days. In this era as technology is growing so bouncer and security not only do interrogation but they have special scanning tools in order to check the fakeness of ID card. So buying scannable ID from authentic place can keep you safe from many risks.




Well! The risk of having fake ID will remain same but still if you want to have access to bars then you can definitely get one for yourself. But make sure to use it only if it is necessary don’t increase its usage, otherwise you will be caught easily.


Best place to buy Fake ID


If you are looking for best place to buy scannable fake ID then you are at the right place. IDGOD is one of the best in offering scannable fake ID. They are located outside the USA. We have personally tried their services they provide high quality card with warrantee services.

Their delivery time is also amazing, within short span of time card will be at your doorstep.

We recommend IDGOD highly because they have experience of decades and have updated tools for making high quality ID cards. Their team is really fast they produced hundreds of cards a week and then passed it to inspection team for verification. If the card passes the verification test then it is packed for delivery.

Prices are also reasonable but spending few more dollars for having high quality card is not a big deal.


They are currently offering offers that if you get ten people with yourself then you will be eligible to get the card in very low price almost less than hundred dollars. Their other amazing offer is that they you can replace your card with new one within 3 months of time period. Their support team is also good; they treat their customers’ needs as their own. We are impressed by their services.

We recommend this place because other ID makers use older technics and poorly produced cards which can be risky for you. So buy from good place and increase the safety risks. If you like this Article then shares it with others.

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