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Truth or Myth? Read about ID Scanners and Order a Fake ID



In this era, everything has been very advance; those days are gone when poor quality fake IDs were difficult to catch. Now the bouncers and security have high quality ID scanners that easily let you know whether the ID is fake or Not. If you are one of those who want to know in detail about ID Scanners then you are at the best place. In today’s Article we are deeply going to explain about truth or myth of ID scanners. Few people thinks that ID scanners are just a time pass to create fear in the environment but they are totally at mistaken if you order a fake ID which is poorly produced then ID scanners will caught your fake Identity within seconds. So order a fake ID only from trusted and authentic place that creates difficult to spot Fake ID and also gives your surety that ID will be scan able as well as have tracking and duplicate number in order to look 100% legitimate. Good quality ID matters a lot when you are sure that bouncers will pass it via ID scanners. If you want to know more about ID scanners then continue to read below.



What the Operator look for during operating ID scanner?


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First of all we want to let you know about ID scanners, this tool is especially designed to catch the fake IDs. You will mostly found such tools in pubs, bars or clubs. In bars bouncers check the identity by using this tool and then let you come in if it’s not fake. If it’s fake then they will hand over you to the cop and you have to pay 1000 to 3000$ fine in order to get out of the jail.


ID scanners play an important role in showing the encoded data on driver license, state ID or military ID. ID scanners plays an important role in showing expire IDs as well as underage IDs.  ID scanners don’t show the ID is fake automatically; operator has to send instructions to ID scanner that for what he is actually looking for.


You will have an idea that in bars or club many teenager comes by showing poor quality fake ID so if the bouncer have doubt on their age then he can pass instruction to ID scanner for his/her age. As we all know in USA many states don’t allow teenagers to enter into the bar. So bouncers mostly scan their cards in order to differentiate b/w fake or real ID.



Comparing both, information stored and print on the card



As we all knows that every driving license bar code contains encoded information which includes name, address, date of birth, height, weight, eye color, hair color. It also includes few other fields also like license number, license issue & expiry date.

So the ID scanners play an important role in showing this info in easy format on the display. If you order a fake ID from non-trustable place then such service providers produced poorly made fake ID even the info in the bar code does not match with info print on the card. Here we are going to give an example that will clarify all things. If your name print on the card is Bella Edward and the name in the bar code is Bella smith then operator will understand easily that you are using a fake ID.



There are thousands of scammers on the internet that snatch you’re hard earned money by providing poor IDs.  They simply print new information on your real card without doing any changes in the bar code so when that card passes by ID scanners it becomes useless and creates lot of trouble for you. That is why we are continually pushing in this Article that buy fake ID only from trustable and experienced place whether you have to pay few more dollars, does not matter, but high quality ID can keep you save from lot of troubles and will create lot of new opportunities for you. If you want to know what opportunities and benefits you can avail by having a high quality ID then read this Article: Fake ID benefits.



Do ID scanners run license number against official state database?



There are many people who come up with a question that does ID scanners match the license number with official data base. So we thought to answer it here. Well! As far as our teams have personally tested the ID scanners they got to know that ID scanners are not able to run the license number with official data base.

Well! For privacy concerns no one is allowed to get into the state controlled data base. Public is not allowed to access it at all so all those rumors that ID scanners scan the license number with official data base are fake. ID scanners have a capability of recording the information and license number, later on if the case goes worst and can create troubles for society then authorities are allowed to verify it.



A bouncer is not able to verify it whether license number is valid with state database or not. In this era, for making more money a lot of companies are providing fake ID scanners. Well such products are misleading the public and creating fear in the environment. Original ID scanners have a capability of accessing identity card information, it is a simple machine it is not able to detect whether the card is fake or not. It is up to operator that how he test the card or match the printed information with bar code. All the rumors are wrong that ID scanner find itself that ID is fake.

Well! If you want to by a ID scanner then buy a high quality original ID scanner, beware of fake service provider. First choose the website and then check their portfolio and reviews if they have been providing services since ages with positive reviews then you can trust them for buying ID scanners.

If you want to know the best place that provide high quality fake IDs then continue to read the below content.



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We have automated system that is able to create hundreds of IDs in a week, that don’t make the hologram very bright, our cards are designed in such a way that even after touching no one recognize it that the card is fake. We are giving an amazing offer these days, if you did not like the card then you can replace it with new one within 3 months of time. We always give 2 cards to our customer; in case of any loss they did not have to come back again for order.

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