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Whenever you fully dress up in amazing makeup and amazing dress, and lineup in the night club in order to get entry. But suddenly you see that bouncer or security is watching you suspiciously and forcing you to show your age. How shameful it will be if rest people are watching and waiting in the line. The second bad thing is that we know very well that below 21 years old people or teenagers are not allowed in to the night club. And that time if your age is below 21 then your night will be ruined, all the efforts that you did to do romance with your loved one will be ruined in a minute. The things can be worse also, all the makeup and your time on getting dress up is totally waste. So the only better option in order to get entry into the world’s hottest place is with IDGOD fake ID.

Yes it sucks when all your other friends are allowed to enter and you are watching all this helplessly. Getting a IDGOD fake ID is very tempting but we will recommend you to also read about penalties that you have to pay on being caught. Buy the ID only from IDGOD, we give you surety and warrantee of high quality ID. If you will buy ID from another service provider then there can be 90 percent chances of being caught because of poorly produced ID. If you get caught then you have to pay 1000$ to 3000$ almost.

What’s the Deal? IDGOD Fake ID




As we all know that teenage is one of the most exciting times. Every teenager wants freedom in college and wants to fulfill mind thoughts eve they are wrong. Especially on weekends all the tanagers want to do something special. But once you have graduated, 50 percent students don’t want to go to bars if they are not addicted to alcohol. They will prefer to play badminton in the basement rather than going to bars. There are many countries where entry with a Fake ID is very easy for example New York. For getting entry into the New York bar is very easy at the same time if you visit Boostan bars they are very restricted especially for teenagers. Their bouncers or security have advance scan able tools that even can recognize the fake ID if ID is not scan able and poor quality.

In short we will says that Fake ID can be a gateway for experiencing adult activities or for doing some craziness with your love buddies. You can also do some pranks with your friends by showing Fake ID. Especially when you are new in town, you can make new friends of every age.



Bella a student of Emerson College had a boyfriend Edward of 23 years old, both want to enter into the nightclub but the age difference can keep them away, and only Edward will be allowed to get entry. Just with a age difference there night has been spoiled.

So a Fake ID can keep you away from such restrictions. We will recommend you not to use the Fake ID for bad purposes, like terrorism, woman trafficking, drugs dealing etc. Use it just to have fun with your loved ones or to experience the fun life of teenager. That’s it. Using it for wrong purposes can be very dangerous for you.

On Internet You will get to see thousands of websites that are providing novelty ID but the high quality matters a lot. A lot of service providers are not trustable and they are scamming people by snatching your hard earned money. Not only that, they provide very poorly produced ID so before buying we will recommend you to do analysis of that website in order to know whether it is right or wrong.

Passing Fake ID



There is lot of people who even passes her fake ID to family to family. On a previous survey we met with a family they were saying their daughter has gotten fake ID from one of the family member. Their picture has lot of resemblance luckily she uses her ID. This one is also a good option but it is very risky, you can easily be caught if a bouncer is clever. So you would be better to buy only high quality ID from authentic place like IDGOD.



What if you get caught?



Our Team personally did this survey and found out a girl named Aison . She was trying to get entry into the bar but showing a fake ID. But the security was very sharp they even have tools for scanning ID but her ID was poorly produced and even not able to scan. She tried her best to convince them that her ID is not fake but all in vain. In the end, bouncers asked her to show a backup.

Well! In Boostan it is common to ask for back up identification to verify the license. She tried to convince them that her backup ID is in the car, but they were not convincing and was not letting her go. As we all know penalties are different according to every state.

They were waiting for cop to handover the girls to cop. So we will strongly recommend all of you to buy only high quality ID otherwise penalty can be very worse for you.

A recent survey shows that if ID has hologram with scan able tracking and duplicate number then the chances of being caught reduced to zero. Make sure the ID you have bought don’t have bright hologram because few bouncers have tricks they touch the ID and have an idea that it is fake.



Why to Choose IDGOD?



IDGOD took great care of their customer reputation so if you want surety and guarantee services then you are at the right place. IDGOD quality is amazing, their team work hard and able to produced hundreds of cards in a week.

Not only that, IDGOD experienced team has ten years of experience in fact their advance tools is the reason of high quality ID. They have a fully automation system of ID making, after complete process of ID, it passes to inspecting team.  This team tests the card and verified it manually, they test it multiple times and then ID passes by final delivery. IDGOD is one of the best service provide that is why they have 90 percent positive reviews. Their customers has become their permanent customer since day 1, they gives value to their customer’s needs.



Our team have personally tried their services, we will give ten out of ten ratings, you can even grab their current offers, currently if you take ten more persons with yourself for fake ID then you have to pay less than hundred dollars and you will be able to get 2 cards at the same time. Incase if you accidently loose one card, other should be available to keep you save in that emergency. You will also have a facility of replacing your old card with new one, but the time period should be less than 3 months.

IDGOD is located outside the USA but they are providing services worldwide, delivery time is good, within 2 weeks you will receive your card. We assure you ID will look 100% legitimate and no bouncer or security will be able to spot the ID fakeness.

We assure you that your hard earned money will not be waste, you will be happy after trying their service. For more confirmation do check out their ID samples in the product Tab it will gives you a more satisfaction.

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