How to get fake id easily from IDGod? Simple Guide

Check out this step-by-step guide: how to get an ID card


If you have doubts about how to get an ID card, don't worry, because you are not alone in this.

IDGod is the only website that can help you in the right way in very easy manners. In fact, we know that the documentation involved in a travel process can seem complicated - especially when it comes to a trip abroad.

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How to get and ID card?

Let’s read it in the following step-by-step guide!

1.  What is your travel destination? 

Before better understanding how to obtain an ID card, it is important that you understand your travel destination's requirements for documentation.

We say this because of the time involved in the process. In addition to countries where you do not need an ID card, there are countries that do not require a visa for tourists to enter, depending on your length of stay there.

But if you don’t have enough time to revenue your expiry ID card or even get a new one, then IDGod is the perfect website to serve you.

Why you need idgod services?

Thinking that the visa process involves its own deadlines, your choice of when to start issuing your ID card will be crucial for everything to go well on your trip!

For example, if you are going to travel to Buenos Aires, you can embark with only your ID.

In the case of those who dream of getting to know New York, they will need to have the ID card with the American visa in hand.

For longer trips:

Some trips will need a longer period of time for you to be able to organize yourself with the necessary documentation and, therefore, leaving to get an ID card at the last minute can complicate the middle of the field and make you miss your trip.

In such situations, getting your card from IDGod will be a wise choice. It can provide you instant solution in such risky situations.

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2. Separate the necessary documents

Okay, understanding the bureaucratic specificities of your destination, now it's time to move on to one of the parties that raises the most doubts among those who want to know, how to get an id card: separate the necessary documents for the process!

An important point is that specific situations require different documentation. During the issuance request on the Federal Official website itself, you will realize that you will need to select some options until you complete the ID card issuance application form.

However, if you want to get your ID card by more conveniently even without money, the only solution is IDGod.

But relax, in order to make your job easier, we have listed everything you may need to make the request.

Photo identification document
Children over 12 years:

In this case, an identity card, a functional card, a driver's license (accompanied by another document proving the place of birth), a work card, an identity card for the indigenous person.

Children under 12:

birth certificate required, if you do not have another official identification document yet;

Children under 3 years old:

In addition to the need for the child to be present in both the application and the delivery of the id card, in addition to the birth certificate, it is necessary to present a photo in the size 5 × 7 colored and recent;

Emancipated minors:

 It is necessary that they take the document that proves emancipation.

In the case of a name change:

Authorization for minors

If the ID card is being issued to minors under 18, an authorization must be presented. The type of authorization varies depending on who is accompanying the child to the post of the Federal Official, but, regardless of the situation in question, this authorization must have been issued less than one year before the date of application for an ID card.

The IDGod can also provide you ID card for the adults even under 18 without facing any trouble.

Other documents to keep in hand

Attention: remember that copies, even if authenticated, will not be accepted. All documents must be original.

3. Fill out the form on the Federal Official website:

After you have checked all the documentation mentioned in the previous topic, go to the Federal Official website to complete the electronic ID card application form.

But if you don’t want to follow this process, simply go on a website of IDGod in order to get your ID card in a more convenient way.

4. Make the payment of the GRU

With all the information filled in, you will be directed to a page that will generate a billing slip. To obtain the id card, a fee is charged called the Union Collection Guide (GRU).

Currently, the amount charged is $ 257.25 and payment is made via bank slip. Only after confirmation of payment, you will be released to schedule the date of your appearance at the Federal Official with your protocol number.

idgod Fake id

But if because of some odd reasons, you have not money to get your ID card, don’t worry!

The superb website named IDGod will perfectly help you to sort out such issues.

5. Schedule your appointment at the Federal Official 

With your GRU payment protocol number in hand, return to the Federal Official website to schedule your appointment at a PF station in your city or region. You will be redirected to these pages:

You can select to schedule more than one id card at a time. This makes the process of taking the id card from families, for example, simpler

It is important to remember that not all service stations require prior scheduling. So, in order not to miss the trip, search the Federal Official website for more information. Another option is to contact the head office responsible for service in your city or region.

6. Appear at the Federal Official post on the scheduled date

Initially, this is one of the simplest parts of the ID card-taking process!

Come to the responsible post on the day scheduled for the registration of your data with the Federal Official and wait for the officer to call your name.

But in the case of getting your ID card from IDGod, you will simply provide only initial information and your ID will be issues instantly.

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