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Know Everything about Fake ID – How to Get a Fake ID


As we all know that teenage is one of the most exciting times. Many teenagers got excited especially for having alcohol. Only for having access to alcohol, teenagers look for ways how to get a fake ID. If you are a 17 years old guy then you must have an idea that how fake ID’s looks.


There are many people that think fake ID is just buying a card that has been made in the backroom. But they are totally at mistaken. Fake ID is not only of one type. Fake Card is actually the one that is created without any authority or permission. Same as we used to watch in the movies. A lot of people think that they will create their own fake ID on their own computer. But such cards especially those that have been made via Microsoft word are easily being caught because such cards are not scan able. Moreover there are also few cards that are produced by using original license. Few people are being caught for modifying their age in order to look older. Some people use stolen cards that belong to someone else. So every person is trying his own ways in order to gain access to fake ID. But we will recommend you to use only scan able fake ID. Otherwise you can be in a huge problem.

Few people come up with a question that how to get a fake ID that is not only scan able but must be looks legitimate. So in today’s Article, we are going put shed deeply upon how to get a fake ID.


How to Get a Fake ID


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Well! All those days are gone now when having access to fake ID was one of the most difficult task. In past people find ID makers for months, even the whole process takes round about 3 months. From finding ID maker to having your own fake ID, the process took so long. But with development, it has been easier to have access to fake ID. Gradually people start getting aware to dark web, but soon they realize that dark web is not a safe place, because on dark people almost 50 percent people defrauding the users. So this is very dangerous and illegal place to try.

But in this era, as technology has been grown and Google has been more advanced so there are many online website that are open up to public for providing fake ID services.

You will find thousands of websites on internet but you have to find yourself that which one is the best one for you. After choosing the best website you will know how to get a fake ID.



How We Know that the Service Provider is Trustable?



In order to know that which service provider is the best one on internet you have to collect the list of first 50 service provider.

After collecting the list you have to do analysis of each website with time to time. Here we are going to list down few points that will help you to in getting the best fake ID.




First of all you have to check their experience level; if they have an experience level of more than ten years then you don’t have to worry more. Experience matters a lot because experienced service provider will produce high quality cards. Compare the experience of each website with other and choose the one with highly experienced level.



High Quality Tools



After checking experience you have to make sure that they have been using an advance and high quality tools. If they have tools to produced high quality cards that can be scanned and contains tracking and duplicate number then you are at the best place. Also make sure that their cards are available with holograms or foil. If you found such qualities in their cards then you have found the best place.

Also make sure that the hologram is not fading in or out. If it is then you will easily be caught, bouncers knows such tricks to caught the fake ID, make sure the hologram looks no bright if it is not then you are the world’s best place.



ID must be Scan able



There are lots of websites on internet which are good but they are not providing scan able cards. Well if you are at the place that have highest experience level but don’t produced scan able cards then leave that place as soon as possible. Because now technology has been advanced and bouncers or security always have ID scanners with themselves so in order to make sure they will scan your card if it looks not legitimate.






Check out the website host, if the website is using free host then they must be fake but if their host is paid and from well renowned company then you can rely on them. Not only that, you have to check out that is their website has been installed with SSL certificate or not? If it is then it is trustable otherwise not. You will find lot of websites that are providing poorly produced cards and snatch your hard earned money so beware of such websites and try to find the trustable and authentic. If you place an order from bad place then there will be 90 percent chances of being caught. If the bouncers or security will caught you then they can take you to court, and you have pay the fine almost 2000$ which is a very huge amount. So it would be better for you to spend few more dollars on high quality fake card and save yourself from huge fine.



Check out their Portfolio

After all above mentioned points check out their portfolio, if they have an amazing portfolio then without hesitation place an order. Check out their reviews if they have 90% positive reviews then you are the world’s best place. You can also check out the orders if they have lot of customers that means they are authentic and providing quality services.

If still you think that working on all above mentioned points is time consuming then we will recommend you strongly that if you want to know how to get a fake ID  then visit IDGOD.



IDGOD – for getting Fake ID



IDGOD is one of the best places for providing fake ID that not only looks legitimate but scan able also. You will find all above mentioned points in our website. We give warrantee services with quality assurance. From IDGOD you will be able to get 2 cards at the same time, because we care our customer so incase if one id get lost then must be another one to use.

Our quality is very high because use cutting edge design principles and technology that makes the card more legitimate. Our cards are equipped with Integrated UltraViolet and Holographic layers this is why our card looks more impressive. Our cards visuals are better and difficult to spot as compared to other available cards in the market.

Best part of us is that we have fully automated system that plays an important role in printing as well as posting the card. After producing card via automation system it finally sent to inspection team for final satisfaction if they verified it then it has been sent for delivery.



You can try our simple order now in order to check the quality. We assure you that you can rely on us. You can also check our product section in order to check card ranges. IDGOD has been very famous because of positive feedbacks; a lot of customers have been our permanent customers now since the day one just because of our quality. So don’t miss this opportunity and rely on us with zero hesitation.

Hope you like this Article on how to get a fake ID, if you like it then share it with others, also stay tuned with us, because many more informative Articles are on its way.

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